Created in June 2011, BNB Entertainment is an entertainment organization, which provides music, art, fashion, and entertainment on the Eastern Shore and beyond. A broad art-based Board of Directors was established to represent BNB Entertainment to showcase various aspects of art, which include music, film, design, fashion, entertainment and beyond. The mission of the Board is to showcase the talents of it’s members, and to give the Eastern Shore good music & entertainment.

Board of Directors

Shane Bell (aka SB), Hip Hop Artist
Devon Beck (aka Beck), Hip Hop Artist
Yolanda Renee (aka YoYo), Creative Director (Publicist, Graphic/Web Designer, Filmmaker)
Lamont Gloster (aka Wicked Born), Creative Director and Hip Hop Artist
Tyrone Johnson (aka Its2Cups), Promotions/Street Team
Taray Wright (aka FatBoy), Promotions/Street Team
Tanya Wright, Promotions/Street Team